GridShare is an independent online funding platform that brings together renewable energy projects, clean technology companies, investors and donors.

Here’s what’s unique about GridShare:

1. GridShare is (clean) technology agnostic:
GridShare facilitates investments and donations into every type of renewable energ company and project – solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, hydro, tidal energy and more. If it’s related to clean energy, you can find it on GridShare!

2. GridShare is an independent funding platform:
By creating an online platform where investors can meet project owners, and negotiate deals independently, GridShare has expanded the funding opportunities to more projects/ventures and finally opened the renewable energy industry to a wider audience of investors.

3. GridShare allows for diverse investment opportunities:
GridShare allows renewable energy project owners and cleantech companies to raise debt or equity from investors. By diversifying the available investment opportunities, GridShare offers a more inclusive environment for investors.