What is GridShare?
GridShare is an independent internet funding portal registered with the SEC that facilitates crowd investments in renewable energy and clean and sustainable technologies. Our platform provides the crowd with investment opportunities, ranging from small solar projects to venture investments in technology companies. Issuers offer both debt and equity securities on the site.

What is GridShare not?
We are neither an investment advisor nor a broker. Rather, we are an independent funding portal that provides information to investors about the opportunities posted on our site. While our fees are based on the size of an offering, we do not get compensated for finding investors or selling securities. Our compensation is largely dependent on the successful funding of the opportunities presented on our site.

How does GridShare work?
Companies seeking crowd-based funding ("Issuers") will sign up with GridShare to have their offerings (each, an “Offering”) presented on our site. A potential investor ("Investor") can review these offerings, comment on the offerings (provided the investor who has set up a user account), and potentially make an investment in an offering (after successfully completing the GridShare 101 education course). An important aspect of crowdfunding is facilitating an open dialogue among the crowd regarding investment opportunities. Accordingly, all GridShare users can post and respond to comments on a particular offering in order to have all questions or concerns regarding a particular offering displayed for all users to see, and, importantly, to be addressed directly by the Issuer.

How much does GridShare cost?
Potential Investors can review all of the offerings free of charge. There is no cost to register on the site or make an investment, but a portion of the investment proceeds will be used to compensate GridShare, as stated in our pricing statement and discussed below.

It is free for Issuers to have their offerings presented on GridShare. A nominal fee may be required to cover GridShare’s cost of conducting background checks on the Issuer, as required by the SEC, as well as third party costs of setting up an escrow account required under Regulation Crowdfunding. GridShare’s personnel will work with the Issuer to ensure that the offering is presented properly and that potential investors have access to all available information regarding the offering. Upon receiving any funds for projects hosted on the platform, the issuer compensates GridShare by paying a listing fee based on the amount of investment proceeds received by the Issuer, as set forth in our pricing statement.

What Services does GridShare offer to Investors?
As a funding portal, GridShare is prohibited from providing investment advice to Investors. GridShare does, however, facilitate crowdfunding by ensuring that Investors have access to all available information on each offering to allow the Investors to do their own due diligence on an Offering and post any questions, comments or concerns regarding an opportunity on the site. A discussion forum is provided for each Offering, thereby facilitating discussion regarding the merits of the project and allowing Investors to connect directly with the Issuers.

Once an investment is made, GridShare will facilitate the documentation process to ensure that all Investors receive final executed documents related to the Investment. In addition, GridShare also provides educational materials and training to Investors, as required by the SEC.

What Services does GridShare offer to Issuers?
GridShare works with Issuers to ensure that their offerings meet GridShare’s listing standards, both in terms of the types of projects or technologies being presented and the content of the offering. GridShare will work with an Issuer to determine what type of investment is appropriate, i.e., debt or equity. GridShare will facilitate having all documents regarding an offering converted to electronic formats to be used in the investment. While GridShare does not provide legal advice to Issuers or investor, it can assist Issuers in locating competent counsel to prepare transaction documents for the offering and conduct any corporate work necessary after the offering has funded.

How is GridShare different from other Crowdfunding sites?
GridShare is the first Title III funding portal solely focused on investments in renewable energy and clean technologies. GridShare is an independent funding platform. It has no financial interest in any of the Issuers using the platform or any Investors registered on the site, although GridShare may receive securities from an Issuer as compensation for services. It is simply a funding platform that facilitates online investments in renewable energy and clean and sustainable technologies.